Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You Are My Sunshine

I have had this thought in my head for weeks now on how to make this card. What I wanted it to look like etc. First, I couldn't find a circle cutter big enough, well I bought one. Then I finally sat down to make it, and now.. I don't like it. The sun is cute, but the face I could do without. BAH.. I can't even believe I'm posting it. Oh well. I guess with the good, you gotta post the bad too???

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cat's Meow

Shelby has been BEGGING to do some stamping with my stuff. Last night we came in and did some lookin around for some ideas and came up with this project. Shelby colored the orange cat and the grey is mine. She colored with the pencils and used the gamsol, she did pretty much everything except cut the card with the cutter. I was so proud of her! She did a great job, and wants to do another project tonight!! :)


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Butterflies For a Friend

I have a friend a work who's last day is tomorrow and I wanted to make her a card. She's been so sweet and honest with me! I wish her luck in her journeys in Lincoln, and hope that her future is as bright and beautiful as she is!

Since I was home sick today, I found a card that I used for inspiration. I know it's pretty close to the original, but  we all have to start somewhere right?

March Stamp Club

Thinking of a card for stamp club was difficult this month for me! I have so much stuff to play with here at the house and some of it I don't know HOW to use, the other part of it is I don't know very many techniques. I wanted to do something better than last month with the L.O.V.E cards I did so here's what I came up with. Originally I liked striped shamrock better. Then I found the plaid and I put it against the green and I liked it better. Now that I have the center and the bow, I don't know which I like best. You'll have to tell me which you like. I hope the girls like them! Happy St Patrick's Day!

Flowerpot card

I was on Splitcoast Stampers where I find a lot of inspiration and I found this card. I thought it was a CUTE! My plan was to make it for a mothers day card, but it's pretty small. I haven't perfected the measurements yet, so I'll have to come up with a different Mother's Day card. However I think this one turned out really cute and could be used for a simple hello card, a cheer you up card, or something simple! Hope you like!